About the Company

We Offer Happiness

VANORTTON PRODUCTY PITANIIA LLC is a Russian manufacturing and trading company, which is the part of Swiss-Belgian holding group Vanortton Gruppa – one of the leading companies in the food industry, famous for its long-standing traditions of quality and latest technologies.

Vanortton produces wholesome food from high-quality ingredients. Nutrients contained in cocoa stimulate the healthy working of the body, facilitate rejuvenation and longevity. Several manufacturing lines are used in providing the product range . You can learn more in Our Production.

Our Values

  1. We don’t aim for short-term profits and profits obtained at the expense of successful long-term development.
  2. We understand that consumers of the company’s products show a sincere interest in the moral standards and principles that lie at the very core of its activities, and to the trademarks that they trust; we realize that without consumers company wouldn’t exist.
  3. We understand that success of any corporation is based on professionalism, standards of behavior and the responsible attitude of management and staff towards the basic principles. Therefore we consider employee recruitment and training as our primary goals.
  4. We work in countries which have different cultures and traditions. Such a rich diversity of cultures is a priceless source of our leadership.
  5. We follow and respect the provisions of local legislation applied in every market.
  6. We produce products for you and your children! The quality and safety of our products are our priorities! The health of generations is based on the culture of consumption that we intend to inculcate from early childhood.

For all further details contact employees of Vanortton Gruppa. You may find contact information in the Contacts section.